Sunday, 27 November 2011

World Transformation - Destruction and arrivals of Saviours of humankind

Most of the sessions,souls are able to see the golden age, at the same time they could also see the visions of destruction.

There has been visions of souls who give peace to the suffering souls at the time of destruciton. Few have seen the natural calamities, some could not bear the visions of destructions.

There is a soul who call himself as a Saviour of mankind,who never believe in soul or supreme soul but believe in helping the humanity. He has come to earth for the first time calling himself as a traveller of planets. His only aim is to save the humankind. He has got extraordinary intelligence that he can excel or make his career in any subject. But he sees himself in future as a Scientist who invents very modern technologies to save the humankind.

One of his invention is, to save the humankind from animals and the other invention is to create such technology to create a very safe home which would withstand all types of natural calamities along with biological warfare.

His childhood activities includes saving children from bullying students, save girls from eve teasers, browse net for latest technologies, learn about biographies of leaders, learning new computer softwares and more.

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