Friday, 30 December 2011

World Mother and Father

There are souls who live with world mother and father in subtle world.

Those souls play with lion, feed the sparrows, fishes, do cycling, live in palaces where diamond sparkles to give light, the lions and tigers have big nails but they do not harm anyone there....

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Soul world

The Souls who had agreed with the Supreme Soul to take birth, will spend the days in soul world until the womb gets ready for them to take next birth.

The souls - point of lights receive the angelic body to perform actions directed by God, to serve the humankind, and the angelic body is returned soon after the job gets done.

The souls with angelic body consume food, take rest, write diaries,listen to knowledge-teachings like it happens in the physical world.

The souls who are serve under the guidance of God, can keep moving to places from physical world to subtle world to soul world without any restrictions.

The souls who serve the God, have subordinates to carryout the duty, and at the end of the day, the souls report to the Supreme soul about the activities-service they have performed.

The Hopeful future, The sparkling Golden age and the threatening Destruction (approximately during year 2035-2040)

The Hopeful future, The sparkling Golden age and the threatening Destruction (approximately during year 2035-2040)

It is found that the Clients are able to see the future of the present life as well as the future of the world during the sessions.

One Client is able to see the future of present life with the unborn second child and a well settled life.

About the future of the world, the Client was able to see being very happy and joyful with lights-brightness of happiness sparkling everywhere, and could feel it on the physical body and eyes as it is happening in reality.

The visions of destruction made the client to experience terrible reaction, by the horrible scenes seen everywhere on earth and could feel them physically.

The Birth of Sri Krishna (app. year 2016)

One of the Client able to see that, Sri Krishna takes birth in the year of 2016 and could see the destruction taking place on the earth, at the same time one group of people are well protected from the scenes of destruction.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Love Story

It is found the brother-in-law is very caring for the sister-in-law and sister-in-law always wanted the brother-in-law to protect her from the day-to-day issues.

Although the whole family turned up for doing sessions, the destiny allowed only to perform Emotional healing for brother-in-law and sister-in-law to find out that they are brothers and sisters and the brother was always protecting her sister in her past life as well as in the present life.

Now, the brother has  understood that God is the real protector of souls not human beings.

The knowledge of unknown.

The mystery of behavior of a relative get solved when the client comes to know that the property is written in the name of the client although the client was unaware of it before the session.

Another incidence:  the unusual expenditure by the friend who does not have any bad habits, becomes a mystery and later come to know that he spends in gambling, which was not aware before the session.

The Future

The Future gets revealed to many like they find themselves as Big bosses, living in huge house, managing Institutions, conducting seminars, playing Cricket in Lords, Living with the unborn child, managing farms, dealing with politicians, working in construction and more.

The Worried Princess

Once upon a time there was a princess who lived a very peaceful and loving life and found that she did not learn anything out of that life. She then takes a birth as a girl who lived a fearful life with her parents, leading a life of misfortunes, ill health, troubled by friends, in- laws, disturbed by emotions, confused by attitudes of people.

Now she smiles at her misfortunes and challenges, from the moment she came to know about her Life Plan and the identity of the past.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Supreme God-Father with many hands-souls to serve the world

It is being revealed that souls who leave the body and has love for the Supreme Father become ones who serve the worldly souls under the guidance and direction of Supreme Soul.

These souls work on giving peace and happiness to souls who are suffering. They are also asked to protect souls from black magic and maya.

Even these souls-spirit guides have other souls working under them.

Supreme Soul gives them the angelic body to carryout their roles and at other times they move around without an angelic body, just being a point of light.

They also get the opportunity meeting the ancestor-great souls, they also have connections with the souls who live in Subtle world and soul world. They keep travelling to soul world and subtle world. They also receive knowledge, power and love from other souls as well as directly from the Supreme Soul.