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Three in one - a unique experience


In the name of God and Co-operation……

1.   The Beginning

A unique experience speaking to souls - A and B that are very close to the Supreme Soul.

The story goes like one soul - A leaves the body at the age of 22yrs and comes back to their house and spend a married life through another body, without willing to take next birth, but it was forced by the Jyotish to one of the relative of their own family creating greed of providing more dress, things.... , to spoil the growth of a child, a young student of the relative.

The soul - A who enters the body of the child, never wants to hurt the child but in turn tries to help the child in studies and getting job for the child's father. The soul-A also gives knowledge of Supreme Soul to the child and also make the child learn new talents . At the same time, soul-A does its Godly service and create good karmas by giving peace to the living souls by the direction of Supreme Soul. Soul-A remains constantly with the Supreme Soul and reveals the activity of Supreme God-Father and the Father of mankind (Brahma-Adam-Krishna).

Now, there is another soul-B who leaves a body in some other place, had to come back to its earlier family, to take revenge (inspite of God's assurance that soul-B would lead a happy life since it has settled the past life karmic accounts) of not providing its needs but the tantrics force it out of the house and it was thrown out in a street, who later gets in to the same child, who was supported by the soul-A.

Now, the soul-A gives introduction of Supreme Soul and spiritual knowledge to soul-B, who then becomes calm and quiet, who otherwise becomes angry and create pain to the body of the child.

Now, both soul A and soul B wants to help themselves as well as the child by safeguarding the child to be safe from the vicious sanskars of the worldly people, by allowing the child to study a spiritual oriented course by which the child can earn money to support child's parents, at the same time the child helps itself develop self-confidence and lead a pure life.

The soul A and soul B like to remain on Godly service receving direct direction from Supreme God-Father at the same time supporting the child on its future.

It is noted only one soul appears at a time in the body and other times the child spends the time with Supreme Soul.The Soul A and B either remain with Supreme God-Father or remain in the world doing their service. When neither soul-A nor soul-B present the soul of the child present in the body.


The story never ended there:

The soul B never got the opportunity for self transformation. In other words, although there was opportunity for the soul to benefit the Child, the circumstances were such, the soul got into more bondages and instead of helping the Child, it started finding ways and means to fulfill its own desires by various means.

Because it had accumulated good karmas in previous birth, it was supported by the deities in fulfilling its desires one by one, to the extent that it created more trouble to the Child.

We will see what were its desires and how it got help from deities and human beings to get them fulfilled...

2.       The Master Plan and the Promise
(Role Players: Shiv Baba, Brahma Baba, The Instrument soul, souls A and B)
The Master plan is to teach the Child with utmost care keeping away from the evils of the world, giving self confidence, provide with food, love, shelter with lots of love and care, it is all agreed in the presence of the Highest Almighty Authority, the father of humankind – Adam (Brahma) and the Instrument soul in the presence of soul A and B.

It is said this Child will play the role of a living deity benefitting the souls of the world

3.       The Execution of Plan
The Child soul got adopted to a new environment, still in the combined presence of soul A and B, the location, environment were being prepared for the arrival of the divine soul. The arrival of the Child was expected with lot of joy and enthusiasm, with celebration and moments of happiness everywhere .

4.       The Adoption
The moments of happiness and joy extended and to make the bonds stronger and permanent, the adoption was made permanent.

5.       The Greed
Now, the days were being counted for the permanent arrival of the Child, lots of planning, preparation were carried out, still the day did not arrive as planned, it kept postponed, the greediness and hidden agendas were yet to be revealed.

6.       New Relationships
Now the soul B had its new role to play with the remembrance of past birth relations with the newly adopted environment, the greediness or the unfulfilled desires of the soul B made it to create demands one after the other to allow the Child to appear permanently and there was no end for the desire to get fulfilled. The desire was to spend more time on newly created relationships, keep visiting places, fulfilling the desire of selected food varieties, dress items, the desire of ordinary human beings…The desires were fulfilled to the soul B who had variety of  names to reveal to get different desires fulfilled.

There were special desires which got fulfilled by the recommendations by the great deities.

Now, it is role of soul B to live a normal life as a permanent owner of the body of the Child.

7.       Scraping the Identity  
The Child was moved to a different environment relieved of all its past relations, and not allowed to live even in the present environment, neither there nor here, with change in features, names, altogether the individual identity of the child was totally lost in this divine plan involving God, the Almighty and the great deities of the world.

The Child was not allowed to live a normal life spending the childhood days amongst the children, neither allowed to live a life of own desires, every thought were monitored and directed by the souls A and B.

8.       Man’s will over God’s will
The promise made to God was ultimately broken repeatedly  by man, human souls and ultimately it was man’s will prevailed over the God’s will (of course the promise was made by human souls). The human souls of physical world and subtle world could not keep up the promise made to God and, God and His Divine Manipulators remained just as observers in this divine master plan.
9.       Broken Promises
The promise to take care of the Child broken by the domination of souls A and B by the unfulfilled greed or desires emerged within them either by their sanskars or by the influence of the new adopted environment.
The promise of relationships broken in the name of past birth relationships, by newly formed relationships.
The promise to serve the souls of the world by revealing the divinity of the Child, the activities of the subtle world were forgotten by getting influenced by the new environment.
The child was made to get lost, not having a identity on its own.

10.       Conclusion based on Science, Spirituality and law
The life and identity of the child remains a question mark?
The sanskars of souls either of physical world or of subtle world, neither gets transformed (atleast in one birth). The evil sanskars remain evil and weak sanskars remain weak.
The so called presence of souls can be ruled out by labeling scientifically as Multiple personality disorder and Bipolar disorder.
The weaker minds do not have power to carry out God’s plan.
As per PsychoAnalytic theory, man gives away all promises of super ego due to his own weakness of Id instincts – the basic animal instinct that is present in human beings.
As per humanistic approach, man’s basic needs – emotions are to be fulfilled to carry out a higher or divine task.
The God’s play or the Unlimited Drama reveals its scene one by one enabling souls to evolve in their own ways.
Crime committed in the name of God, adoption and co-operation.

11.   The lost Identity
Who is responsible for the Child’s lost identity?
The God, gods, the divine beings, the souls or human being?

Is there any instrument in this world to get a prompt response from the Silent Observers or so called Divine Beings……?

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