Thursday, 26 April 2012

The divine sweet family of deities and helping souls.

The divine sweet family of deities and helping souls

Do you know there are deities like Mother goddess Durga, deities Shankar, deities Ram, Sita, deity Saturn, deity Ganesha, deity Meenakshi (of Madurai) all exist in subtle world like a divine family ?

There are souls who never wanted to take birth or say, the souls who have completed 84 births are working in the task of removing sorrows of devotees and BKs under the guidance of Supreme Soul and the deities.
It is like deities share happenings, take guidance from Brahma, all deities live like members of a happy family in subtle world, sharing with each other, doing their prescribed duties, taking each others support.There are also roles played by Mother Saraswathi - Mamma.

The souls who carry out the task of Supreme Soul and deities, report to God-Father or their leader on what they have carried out every day. They even take rest by the end of the day.

The allotted task, if the soul finds, it requires more power, then the deities come to their help and if the worldly power is more strong, then the Supreme Soul intervenes according to the need of the task.
There is no magical power greater than the power of Supreme Soul, any type of strong magical spell or power becomes null and void with the power of Supreme Soul.

And there are poor devoted souls either BK or Non-BK, if they have faith in Supreme soul or any deity, they are well protected  according to the faith they have in Supreme Father and deities.

And moreover, the Father of human kind , Father Brahma is so loving, so loving that he is not like the one whom we assume to be based on daily murlis.Father Brahma is so kind and embodiment of love that even if a soul wanted to fulfil any desires that is against our normal ideas - say of impurity, still he never stops the soul from giving permission to do it but finally he makes the soul realize what he/she had desired is not the right one for him/her. He makes the soul realize everything by her/himself, do not force or instruct anything to anyone.

Supreme Soul , being almighty authority, He never demands or force souls to perform actions according to His will, but asks for their wish, and if the soul wants to take revenge inspite of making them understand, still the Supreme Soul allows the soul to take revenge and help them in the task and finally makes the soul realize
themselves....He also gives warning to the ones who troubles others and finally He intervenes to establish truth and act as Supreme Judge but not without warning....

Ultimately it is found, the deities, the souls who are under guidance of Supreme Father and the deities, those who are up above are without any desires, they carry out the task without any expectations or outcome, and we human beings on this earth, if we are able to perform any task without desire of its outcome and giving happiness to others, then we also become most loving, caring and powerful like those sweet souls of subtle world.

It is said that those who experience happiness, by giving happiness to others, remain a deity-god and goddess.

Please share your related experience.........

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